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How did you feel about your experience with us?:
Thank you TJA and Mr. Hani for the wonderful experience we had last week in Jordan. The trip was beyond our expectations. It's been great touring around the country learning its culture and traditions at ease without any worries. You didnt treat us like common foreign customers, instead you have attended to our every need just like a family. We are thankful that you opened our eyes and widened our imagination during this tour making us discover that there is more to Jordan aside from the famous Petra and Dead Sea . Everyday (in our 8 day tour) is just so amazing....... so extraordinary..... Thank you for taking us to the best local restaurants - we are so happy eating delicious local cuisines. We just cant get enough of Manzaf. The Wadi Rum is just an out-of-this-world beauty on earth. Petra by night is very romantic. Dead sea is so unbelievably awesome - the mud pack effect on my skin and the minerals in the sea itself. The tour at Biblical sites had just intensified our religious beliefs. There are really so much more and 8 days are not enough for the two of us... and the experience we had in Jordan just made us more curious and more eager to discover... We'll definitely comeback in this country..... I hope it will be soon
Written by: Lora Gonzales
Review posted: 15 Nov 2014
How did you feel about your experience with us?:
We had traveled from India. The whole plan including the last details were finalized only through exchange of information by email. We had absolutely no idea about the country, system and the above all the agency. To our sheer surprise the entire trip was orchestrated to the minute details exactly as per our expectations. We left Jordan with a sweet and memorable experience and a dream of coming back again. The must of all addition is that the agency never asked for any advance and all payments were made only as per own convenience which is rather a surprise amidst the today's world or uncertainity. I wish a very good business prospect for Hani and his Travel Jordan Agency.
Written by: Saumitra Sarkar fro India
wadi rum Sunset
Review posted: 28 Oct 2014
How did you feel about your experience with us?:
Dear Hani, I am back to Germany. Again, thank you so much for the great time in Jordan, I enjoyed it sooo much (and I think Eugen did, too, did not talk to him for now). Everything was perfect and be sure I will recommend you. As I promised you I send you the pic of the snake that we found under the stone. I am really wondering what it is. If you find out more, let me know. I already uploaded my pics on www.travelpod.com/members/tilman There you can also find pics and stories of all my other trips. Would be great to keep in touch with you.
Written by: Tilman Schimmel
Review posted: 12 May 2013
How did you feel about your experience with us?:
hi hani, how r u? we r still memorising Jordan & me n anand r badly missing veg food.....specially hummus!!!!!! i m working on photos still......its too much.....each n every time i open it....i feel like i m in Jordan....and Hani is with me! what a wonderful trip..... i rather call it.. Experiencing Jordan...feeling the Jordan...and u made it Hani. u r one of the lovely person i met...
Written by: Nima Gupta
Review posted: 01 Nov 2012
How did you feel about your experience with us?:
Dear Hani, Am sure you already got some rest (unlike us – we landed at 2:30am, arrived home at 4am+ then had to be at work at 8am!) and woke up ecstatic because you don't have anymore 8 crazy girls' whims to cater :D Anyhoo - on behalf of the girls, thank you so so so much. From the cute guys of amman to the muds of the salty dead sea, to being stranded (and pushing a minivan) on top of that-god-knows-where-mountain giving us the chance to see that lovely sunset, to taking our photos (while posing, acting natural, jumping), to giving us a husband in petra that we can share (haha! - please give our hugs to him), to the yummy maghluba, awesome cave to sleep with a view of the breathtaking stars, wc-floor experience and make-up collecting in wadi-rum, to bringing 8 grubby, sweaty and smelly girls at the airport - to everything. I would like to thank you for doing your best in taking care of us and specially for keeping your cool and not losing your patience. I guess having 5 wives gave you a lot of practice to keep it cool hahaha. No, but seriously. Thank you. I received an email from kirsten and jayne today saying they both had fun. (objective achieved yay! :D) Gay has posted already her experiences through facebook and she’s all smiles at the airport. So all’s well and ends well. I guess, it would have been extremely dull if you have all 8 of us skipping happily though all throughout lolz.. I say you need to have that little drama to make the trip more colorful lolz btw, i have attached some photos here that either you took or you were there. :) anyhoo - let us know whenever you drop here in dubai, all your refugee girls will be more than happy to buy you a drink. You take care and lotsa hugs from all of us x
Written by: Roxanne Macmod
Review posted: 07 Jul 2012