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Important Notice: regulations are changed on a regular basis by different governments. As a traveller, you are responsible for checking the requirements of entry into Jordan. We cannot be a liable for changes in visa regulations, so it is recommended that you check with your government in regards to the Jordanian diplomatic mission, to ensure you have all the required paperwork for travel.

Single entry visa costs for all nationalities is 40 Jordanian dinars, which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport (with the exception of the below). Multiple entries for all nationalities (exceptions listed below) is 60 Jordanian dinars and you can get these from the nearest consulate or embassy.

Most nationalities can get visas at any entry point, with the exception of the King Hussein (Allenby) bridge, which requires a pre-issued visa. Some nationalities require visas in advance.  Please check your nationality in the - Jordan visa requirements - section.

The Jordanian visa currently costs 40 Jordanian dinars ($56 USD) for a single entry, 60 Jordanian dinars ($85 USD) for two entries, and 120 Jordanian dinars ($170 USD) for a multiple entry visa.

Groups consisting of five people or more can apply for a free collective visa, but must spend a minimum of two nights, and the group must be accompanied by a government certified tour guide.  

Tourist visas expire after two weeks and are easily renewed. Otherwise, a penalty of $2 USD per day is applicable.

Arrivals at Aqaba’s port, airport, or across the border from Saudi Arabia or Israel, are granted free visa entry into Jordan. No obligation is associated with this visa except that you must leave Jordan from the same entry point within one month of arrival. 

An exit service fee applies for sea and land border points—8 Jordanian dinars per passenger and 5 Jordanian dinars per vehicle.

Citizens from the countries below are required to obtain a visa 2-4 weeks in advance: 


Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Burundi, Cameron, Central African Republic, Chad, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros, The Republic of the Congo, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Djibouti, Equatorial Ghana, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gabon, Ghana , Gambia, Guinea, Guinea -Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia. 


Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran ,Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam. 


Albania, Moldova. 

North America

Belize, Cuba.

South America