All reservations should be made and confirmed by email in advance. We can provide hotel confirmation numbers for your reference.


In case of Cancellation before arrival, the full deposit won’t be refunded. 


After we receive your deposit and confirmation via email, along with your flight information, we will begin booking your hotels. 

Payment can be settled when you arrive in Jordan for only three-star hotels during the low season. We accept cash (USD or Euros) or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). Please note that there is a 5% surcharge on credit card payments or PayPal.

Responsibility of Travel Jordan Agency

TRAVEL JORDAN AGENCY presumes no liability for accidents of any nature, delays, injuries, loss or damage to property, discomforts, irregularities or any other damage that may arise.

Travellers are expected to be covered by travel insurance before arrival.


We always try to accommodate any alterations as we understand that circumstances can change. However, any fees incurred for these alterations will be charged to the client.